Transforming Your Life

I started my career teaching in large secondary schools in Yorkshire. Although I enjoyed the challenge of heading up a department, it was time to take a career break and start a family.

During my break I retrained as a remedial masseuse, and for fourteen years ran a very successful business.

With the new millennium came the desire for new challenges. I stumbled into coaching by chance. I attained my Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner qualifications and enjoyed the work so much I continued my training, gaining my certification in Coaching and Coaching mastery. I spent the next couple of years "coaching" anyone who would talk back to me, discovering along the way my new career path.

These days I operate a more traditional fee paying business but the original curiosity and enthusiasm is still there.

I am always seeking options that bring me joy, and challenges that spark my imagination. In general I love change and believe that everyone has the ability to make the changes they need and want to enjoy their life to the full.

My clients come from all walks of life. Some come to overcome an obstacle in their personal lives, others have things they want to change in their professional life. Many come simply to improve what is already a very good life.

I have regular coaching to help me get the maximum out of life and living. It also helps me to be a better coach. I understand exactly how difficult it is to be completely honest with myself, to tell others exactly what I am thinking, and to commit to making the changes necessary to get what I truly want.

I love my work and I am constantly humbled by how brave, resourceful, curious, creative and magnificent my clients can be.

If you would like more information or to discuss any aspect of coaching please contact me for an informal chat.