" Throughout my coaching I felt relaxed, challenged (though never pushed) and held accountable for the actions I had been taking in my life. The issues I was working with were really affecting the quality of my life and having someone who was totally non judgemental was essential. I found it easy to be honest with Joyce about my feelings, which in turn meant I was actually being honest with myself. Although hard to do, this honesty enabled me to take big steps towards realising my goals. "

" Life coaching with Joyce has changed the way I approach my life, it has enabled me to grow my skill base and believe in my abilities. The new skills gained and the skills I had (but didn?t use to full potential) have enabled me to get a promotion at work and move to a new area of the country. The final plans are also underway for my wedding in August. "

" I find Joyce stops me avoiding the issues and gets me to deal with them. I now find it is important to dwell on the things I do well and transfer those skills to the things I struggle with. "

" I felt confident and secure talking through very personal and emotional subjects with Joyce. She has an affable approach, is responsive to the moment but not anticipating, is able to keep the subject on track but not on a tight leash, and with careful listening encourages further exploration of topics I have previously brushed over in my life. "

" Coaching with Joyce gave me a whole new way of looking at what was happening in my world and how I dealt with it. I am happier, more in control and able to enjoy my life much more than I ever have done before. I've also made the changes I originally set out to do. I still have the odd session every now and then just to keep things on track and give myself a focused space to think in. "

If you would like more information or to discuss any aspect of coaching please contact me for an informal chat.